“Leadership is the capacity to
translate vision into reality”
Warren Bennis

e-Leadership MBA

Doing Business Transformation and Innovation in Digital Economy

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If you are highly educated, have at least 3 years of working experience and determined to enhance your career prospects by mastering new and proficient business and technology knowledge with leadership skills, assign to this 2-years Executive MBA Program.
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Why Respond to Digital Disruption

Data from our digital leadership research suggests that many corporate leaders may need a reality check on the threat level posed by evolving digital technologies. Knowing digital disruption is happening and doing something about it are…

Big Data Impacts Industry

An interview for the Wall Street International magazine with State Secretary Robert Kopal on impact of Big Data on Industry and Society. Part One. I met Professor Kopal [1] a few years ago at the conference about the impact of Big Data…

Algebra University College has been located since September 2009 at the premises of the University Campus in Zagreb. Here, in superbly renovated and equipped structures from the early 20th Century, the contrast between new technologies and longstanding architecture makes a stimulating and dynamic environment.

Steve Jobs Auditorium is the main e-Leadership MBA conference and student classroom within the University Campus. Its flexible fittings and organizational setup may simultaneously facilitate different type of conference, meeting, round-table, classroom and free seating arrangements.

In our effort to provide inspirational experience, hands-on approach and to strengthen business cooperation, some of our modules take place off-site and at the corporate headquarters of our partners, providing our students with opportunity for meeting with industry leaders and professional networking.



Ratko Mutavdžić

Microsoft Corporation
CEE PS Director Cloud Services

“I believe this is a must have program if your organization is on a path to digital transformation. We are experiencing amazing changes in the way we  develop and grow our organizations – making sure that we understand and implement changes on that road is an imperative for every person involved and this program will help you drive that change.”

Petra Bulf

Teva Pharmaceuticals
Project Track Lead

“I was working in Hewlett-Packard and soon after graduation on IgBS, I accepted new challenging position in Pliva where I am still working as a Project Analyst and am engaged in transition of Finance activities from European countries to TEVA Shared Service Center in Zagreb. My investment in MBA and Master of Science  education has resulted not only in promotion in my career, but also broaden my network and helped me to observe business situations from various perspectives.”

Tomislav Krmpotić

General Electrics
Market Development Consultant

“The International Graduate Business School Zagreb offers an impressive American-style MBA in Zagreb, Croatia. The partnership with professors from Indiana University is extremely valuable. World-class professors and networking opportunities make the program an excellent choice for managers.”


Kelley School of Business (Indiana University) is one of the leading international business schools. It was founded in 1920 and since than runs one of the first and among 10 most prominent MBA programs in USA today.



Algebra University College is the only higher education institution in Croatia that has been externally evaluated and met the quality criteria by the Dutch-Flemish accreditation agency NVAO.


We offer professional study programs of the highest quality, according to the external evaluation of the quality assurance system carried out by National Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE).

The European Commission has started EU e-Leadership Initiative in 2013. Since than 25 universities and business schools in Europe have evaluated and aligned their programs towards e-Leadership curriculum profiles.


The EU “eSkills for Jobs” Initiative encourages the development of ICT professions in Europe. Algebra University College has been entrusted with the implementation of this DigitalEurope project in Croatia since 2012.