The innocent peek through the window

Author: Ivan Spajić Buturac
Have you always wondered what it would be like to take a big step in your life? I personally stopped wondering. Ever since I've joined multinational corporations...


Author: Stjepan Vuković
If you ask MBA candidates what are key benefits enrolling to program, probably one of the most quotes answer would be networking.

Navigating the AI Ethical Minefield

AI is a trillion-dollar boom and an ethical minefield. What are the core challenges, and how should we tackle them? It is 60 years since Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first recognized as an academic discipline, but it is only in the…

'My road to win the MBA scholarship'

Author: Damir Prusac
For years, attending an MBA was a personal goal. It was more than just an unwritten line in the resume. It was unsatisfied curiosity and, I must say - a lack of knowledge and business confidence.

My MBA experience: 'I felt I could do much more, I had to grow, to share'

Author: Ana Zrno
Last summer, while on the beach with kids, I read about new Algebra's e-leadership MBA. The program sounded great and I realized – this is my MBA adventure! How? No idea yet, no plan, no budget, just a vision.

Digital Maturity, Not Transformation

Conceptualizing digitization as an ongoing process of growth and development may help managers better steer companies through their digital adolescence. People throw around the term “digital transformation” these days, but there’s not…