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Failure is not an option

This is the Second part of the interview with the scientist Professor Kopal about the impact of Big Data on the industry. His lecture about social networks and its impact on business sectors such as telecom and financial industry was brilliant. This is an excellent opportunity to present this scientist and a high-ranked officer of […]

Innovation Culture, Not Only to Survive

Innovation and problem-solving are important skills that organizations, large and small, are seeking from their employees. As such, it is becoming critical for managers to understand how to build organizations that will allow innovation not only to survive but also to thrive.  Here are a few thoughts regarding innovation culture, influence, and trends.

What is the Future of Jobs?

Some 66,000 industrial robots were imported to China last year. This is only one-quarter of all robots being manufactured in 2016. Industrial robots as we know are no longer dumb, single-purpose apparatuses. Those smart machines are now able to perform ferly complex industrial processing tasks and one may do what 15 or more employees could […]

Digital Transformation in Croatia Runs Late

Croatian digital transformation is running late, but opportunities remain open. Read the article from PhD Katarina Šiber Makar, Board Member of IN2 Group and instructor to Digital Transformation and Business Process Modeling core module at IgBS e-Leadership MBA (in Croatian).