Croatian President Josipović hosts Dean Fröhlich

President of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipović, has received Dean of IGBS Zagreb and vice-president of Zagreb lodge of Croatian Fraternal Union of America, Zlatan Fröhlich, and president of Zagreb lodge of Croatian Fraternal Union, Mr. Zlatko John Čaldarević.

The guests have informed President Josipović about activities of CFU, the oldest Croatian diaspora organization founded in 1894 in Pittsburgh, that today has about 100.000 members in USA and Canada. The main aim of CFU is preserving the cultural heritage among Croatian diaspora and help in social welfare for members.

The invitation of CFU president Bernard Luketich has been conveyed to President Josipović, to visit the headquarter in Pittsburgh and meet the members, some of them on important positions in Senate and Congress. Dean Fröhlich has also acquainted President Josipović with activities of IGBS Zagreb and has invited him to visit the school and give a guest lecture to students, and President Josipović has gladly agreed.