Here they come: award winners, groundbreaking researchers, international and local corporate board members, advisors to governments and financial institutions around the world, sought-after business consultants and frequently cited textbook authors. Their biographies and professional resumes make a strong first impression—but our IgBS e-Leadership MBA faculty members count foremost on the impression they make in the classroom.

Vast majority of them come from the partnering Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, one of the oldest and most renowned, constantly top-ranked business schools in United States and the World. Our USA MBA Program faculty members score high reputation for their international-level research, for delivering first-class quality business education and for demanding the best of their students and themselves. As mentors, they are both accomplished and caring, proud of their research awards, but even more proud of their students’ successes.

Specific set of modules, especially those related to digital technology and creativity, are being lectured by Algebra University College regular and visiting faculty members. They combine the strengths of long-term experiences in executive education with those of working at the frontiers of business and management. Many bring with them operational professional experience, obtained on site in consulting engagements or on project implementation and cooperation with industry.

But all our faculty members bring with them passion and dedication for your successful, enjoyable and rewarding MBA education.

Keith Dayton Gelarden

Bruce Jaffee

Robert Kopal