Author: Ana Zrno

Last summer, while on the beach with kids, I read about new Algebra’s e-leadership MBA. The program sounded great and I realized – this is my MBA adventure! How? No idea yet, no plan, no budget, just a vision.

I started the feasibility study – probing questions to my husband and my mother – will they take care of kids while I’m at school? Sure, no problem, but –  why do you need to go to a school at 40? Your career is just fine, why MBA?

I felt I could do much more, I had to grow, to share.

So I applied for a scholarship – a long shot I thought, but it should be an energizing experience. And boy it was! I met amazing people, we created solid propositions in no time, we had fun – and I got the scholarship!

Asking my great flexible employer to fund the second half of tuition was easier once I’ve done the initial part of winning the first 50%.

So, trust your intuition, act upon it! Do not be afraid to be honest, and ask your family and your employer for help – they may surprise you.

If you can imagine yourself with an MBA diploma in your hands you can start with the easiest step and that is by winning a full-tuition MBA scholarship.

How? Scholarship applications for the generation 2017/2018 are open until 1st of October 2017. All you have to do is apply online on the e-Leadership MBA scholarships website by filling in the application form. 

Challenge yourself! Apply now and start building a new digital leader by developing your potentials! Good luck!

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