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In this module you will be exposed to digital business models and digital business processes. You will get the insights into how has digital already transformed the way we live and work and how it will keep transforming it going forward. Digital transformation is not about automation and digitization of existing business processes, it is rather creation of innovative, digital processes and new business and operational models. The module will provide insights into digital economy driven customer expectations and needs, like contextualized interactions, personalized services, seamless experience across channels (omni-channel), transparency, constant availability, peer reviews and advocacy and ways to address those with innovative digital business models. The module will provide overview of digital technologies like Mobile, Cloud, Analytics and Big Data, Internet of Things, blockchain, software intelligence, artificial intelligence and more importantly the way they are being used in digital business models and the way they can improve digital business processes. The module will review the scale of changes that digital transformation has caused in different industries on several use cases and work on anticipating changes that will come next. Several business modeling techniques will be introduced through "hands on" approach. The objective of the module is to provide you with basic understanding of business process modeling, detailed insights into digital business processes and digital business models, common technologies and approached used, as well as typical obstacles in digital business models.

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Digital Transformation and Business Process Modeling

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60 [(L+E+S) = 40 + 0 + 20 ]

L= lectures; S= seminars; E= exercises;


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