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Corporations, caught up in the web of the economic downturn, have turned to the innovative mindset for help. They have realized that entrepreneurial thinking can exist within the structure of a corporation. Thus, the term Corporate Entrepreneurship is the newest strategy for innovative development in organizations. Corporate training designed to develop entrepreneurship and innovation within organizations has produced successful results at numerous Fortune 500 companies. It is the research and innovation developed at these firms as well as other theoretical models which provide the foundation for this emerging field of study. The purpose of this module is to research and study the theories, principles, concepts, and practices of entrepreneurial development within organizations (Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and in startups. A thorough examination of the latest research regarding entrepreneurship and innovation as well as reviewing successful case studies will be the focus of this module. Thus you will become more acquainted with the contemporary trends (such as design thinking) and expectations they face in corporate world.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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60 [(L+E+S) = 40 + 0 + 20 ]

L= lectures; S= seminars; E= exercises;


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