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The purpose of a professional graduate Master’s Thesis is to demonstrate student’s proficiency in professional terminology and ability to use a significant number of different sources, professional literature and arguments in the defense of knowledge obtained during its preparation. In order to achieve this objective, students should be able to demonstrate the adoption of the general learning outcomes of the entire study program. Master's Thesis module and Business Plan are closely interconnected, as they use innovative approach to development, prototyping and testing of business ideas and business planning based on Design Thinking concept. Business Plan module is scheduled to end with the Year One of the Program. In the Year Two, student is expected to continue working on a specific Business Plan segment in a form of a Master's Thesis with the support of a dedicated mentor. By further developing identified business idea student prepares Master's Thesis documentation and a presentation in front of the Master’s Committee. Student will be also invited to submit excerpt of Master's Thesis as a scientific or professional paper for publishing in International Journal of Digital Technology and Economy (IJDTE).

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Master's Thesis (mentored project)

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Compulsory literature is specific to each Master's Thesis.

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