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This module provides a forum for the in-depth examination of strategic management topics organized around two themes: (1) the technology strategic management interface and (2) organizational innovation. The technology-strategic management interface is explored from two perspectives - an internal perspective that focuses on technology management issues, and an external perspective that focuses on the strategic implications of competing in advanced-technology industries. Organizational innovation is explored as a strategic adaptation mechanism that allows firms to effectively respond to the forces of technological change, and possibly to create such change. Case studies and readings are used to demonstrate the relevance of technology and innovation-related issues to the strategic management process.

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Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

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60 [(L+E+S) = 40 + 0 + 20 ]

L= lectures; S= seminars; E= exercises;


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Schilling, M. A. (2013): Strategic management of technological innovation (4th edition), McGraw-Hill, New York

Supplementary literature

Burgelman, R. A., Christensen, C. M. i Wheelwright, S. C. (2009): Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (5th edition). McGraw-Hill Irwin