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Strategy is about moving the firm in a direction that is responsive to the future external environment while capitalizing on, and building the firm’s internal competencies and capabilities. We will begin this module by introducing you to different tools and techniques for evaluating a firm’s external and internal environment. Next, we will take into consideration the role of vision, mission, goals and objectives in guiding a company. Afterwards, we will explore different strategic growth alternatives a firm can pursue and the costs and benefits of each. Throughout this module we will focus on two different types of strategy. The first type of strategy, business strategy, answers the question: How should our firm operate within the business or businesses chosen? The second is corporate strategy, which answers the question: In what business or businesses should our firm operate? When combined with functional-level strategies, which will be covered in the other core modules, our sessions focus on the most fundamental aim of every company - achieving sustainable competitive advantage by delivering a unique mix of value to the marketplace.

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Strategic Management

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60 [(L+E+S) = 40 + 0 + 20 ]

L= lectures; S= seminars; E= exercises;


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Thompson, A. A. Jr. and Strickland III, A. J. (2002): Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, 13th Edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Supplementary literature

Wheelen, Th. L.; J. Hunger, D. and Hoffman, A. N. (2014): Strategic Management and Business Policy: Globalization, Innovation and Sustainability, 14th Edition, Prentice Hall. Selected articles from Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Quarterly.