Tuition Fee

The total Tuition Fee for the IgBS e-Leadership two-year Executive MBA Program is 18.000,00 € (EUR). Final price may vary depending on the payment method and options, and legal status of the contract addressee. Tuition Fee paid by the individuals is excluded of VAT (PDV) as accredited higher educational program.

The following extensive package of services is included in the Tuition Fee*:

  • Program deliverables (lectures, instructions, workshops, etc.)
  • Mentoring and coaching on personal assignments, career development advice and support
  • Literature, reading materials and handouts for all modules
  • Program and Examination documentation
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Invitations to occasional business events, company visits and local outings
  • Access to IgBS Alumni Community
  • Snacks and refreshments at the venue

*All services are delivered and guaranteed at location of the University Campus. Additional costs may occur in case of Off-Campus activities.

Student Loans

Addressing students’ requests for financial support we have arranged with local banks some special loans with favorable interest rates and extended grace period. Loans are dedicated for the following expenses:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Education literature
  • Computers and other equipment
  • Costs of living and accommodation during studies

These loans are particularly convenient regarding the delayed point of repayment. Students may decide to start with the first monthly annuity:

  • after graduation (after 2 years)
  • with a delay of 1 year after graduation (after 3 years)

During the period of delay, students pay only interests every three months while the repayment of the principal starts after two years (interest is not added to the principal after the grace period).

You can find out more about the loan terms and conditions at the following banks websites:


Algebra University College may grant scholarships to exceptional candidates based on the following criteria:

  • Outstanding working merit and experience
  • Impressive academic record
  • Social and gender diversity
  • Readiness to serve as our MBA ambassador during and after the program

Feel free to inquire individually for the Algebra scholarship grant possibilities and options or follow public scholarship contest communication at our IgBS e-Leadership MBA website.

Benefits for Employers

Supporting your employees’ continuing education and skill development has a tremendously positive impact on company finances, human resource management, company culture and strategy. Your organization will be recognized for its emphasis on professional people development – a basic prerequisite for attracting and retaining the best people from the labor market.

Multicultural skills learned on this Executive MBA create open-minded employees, able to work effectively in a global and culturally diverse world. This has a positive impact on collaboration, culture and change issues within your organization. We believe in a sound and practice-oriented education. Your employees will be encouraged to put their new knowledge to use immediately.

New impulses and interaction through the exchange of experiences with colleagues, lecturers and guest speakers boost the positive development of your organization and broaden your network. The ability of student participants to relate their assignments and projects to your business, adds a value, in terms of quality improvements and innovations, to your organizational and business unit strategy.

High performing employees with comprehensive international management knowledge and sound executive competencies provide an excellent base for your organization to be at the leading edge for years to come.