Algebra University College and University Campus provide MBA students with all the services of physical and digital infrastructure needed and required for the successful and efficient participation in the IgBS e-Leadership MBA Program. Please find enclosed instructions on how to use and benefit from different services available to our MBA students.

IgBS MBA General Service Info

On top of the general purpose infrastructure, every IgBS e-Leadership MBA module may require additional and/or specific resources relative to the very nature and content of the course. This may include specialized software licences, Harvard Business Publishing or some other business cases, supporting teaching materials, library textbooks, additional logistics preconditions etc. Those resources are specified by the individual MBA module syllabus and made available or instructed to students prior or during the course, as required.

In the vicinity of the University Campus students may find additional public or commercial services, like parking or restaurants, useful for their proper needs while attending the classes or braking from them.

IgBS MBA Campus Vicinity Services