& Innovation in Digital Economy

Doing Business Transformation




Program duration

6 months

Acquired certificate

Mini MBA certificate

Total hours of training

100 contact study hours + group mentoring + individual mentoring

Program summary

This Mini MBA program is specifically designed for the needs of company employees in managerial roles or with known potential to grow into such roles.
Through carefully selected program modules, the program will encompass main topics covered within two-year e-Leadership MBA program, but in condensed form, with strong emphases on currently most rewarded skills and insights in modern business:
» Leadership
» Digital transformation and rethinking business models / approaches in digital era
» Innovation and creativity
» Creating new customer value within products and services

Mode of delivery

Mode of delivery is a combination of lectures (conceptual framework), hands on tasks (case studies and/or application of useful frameworks and methods on business problems) and independent work of students (study of literature, personal and group assignments).

Additional value for companies included within the program

• In company use of case templates, scenarios and data sets provided within the program,
• Support by Algebra LAB – research centre for real business cases that could be solved using digital technology.


The program is delivered by professors and associates of the Algebra University College (Croatia) and Kelley School of Business (US). The list of potential lecturers is available at the web pages of the Algebra e-Leadership MBA program.

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HRK 25,000.00 + VAT per student

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