Study Program

SESSIONS PROGRAM Number of hours Date
Session 1 Day 1
Topic 1 - Digital transformation (Katarina Šiber Makar, PhD & Senad Kulenović) 6 TBD
Project Teamwork: What it takes to make it successful in evolving business landscape 4 TBD
Day 2
Topic 2 - Shared economy and tech supported business models (Blockchain, Smart contracts, BI and data visualization) (prof. Leo Mršić, PhD) 6 TBD
Project Teamwork: Capturing value in new economy 4 TBD
Session 2 Day 3
Topic 3 - Optimizing business and finding new growth opportunities within (prof. Rhonda Lummus, PhD) 6 TBD
Project Teamwork: Use technology to create business value within 4 TBD
Day 4
Topic 4 - Data driven decision-making using quantitative methods (prof. Bob Jacobs, PhD) 6 TBD
Project Teamwork: From data to business insight 4 TBD
Session 3 Day 5
Topic 5 - Value Innovation (prof. Mislav Balković, PhD) 6 TBD
Project Teamwork: Developing innovation mind-set through innovative product / service development 4 TBD
Day 6
Topic 6 – Intrapreneurship, corporate and open innovation (Emir Džanić) 6 TBD
Project Teamwork: Start with where you are now and reach your goals 4 TBD
Team project Business plan and pitch deck for innovative service / product, based on digital technology - team project supported by mentorship Due date TBD
Session 4 Day 7
Topic 7 - Financial planning and feasibility of development projects (prof. Bill Heninger, PhD) 6 TBD
Project Teamwork: Is it worth investing? 4 TBD
Day 8
Topic 8 – Problem solving and Creativity (prof. Robert Kopal, PhD) 6 TBD
Game Theory in business environment - workshop 4 TBD
Session 5 Day 9
Topic 9 – Managing Projects in rapidly changing environment (Marko Šimac) 6 TBD
Project Teamwork: From Failure to successful project launch with iterative (lean) Project Planning 4 TBD
Day 10
Topic 10 - Managing and Leading People in Global Environment (prof. Keith Dayton, PhD) 5 TBD
Knowing yourself exercise + Personal development plan: Embrace your Strengths 5 TBD
Final individual project Digital transformation of selected key processes - Implementation plan covering operations, technology and organization - individual project supported by mentorship Submission date TBD