The first Leadership Talent Tournament for managers

Algebra holds the first Croatian MBA Business Case leadership and management skills competition for managers  

Teams of companies Coadria, Infobip, Imago Ogilvy, INA, Vipnet, SPAN, TRS, Plavi tim, Sedam IT, Nivago and InterCapital Asset Management took part in the first Leadership Talent Tournament organized by the Algebra e-Leadership MBA Program and Algebra Research and Development Centre. The teams demonstrated their management and problem solving skills competing for the first prize – a voucher valued at EUR 18,000 for study in the e-Leadership MBA Program.

The first Leadership Talent Tournament organized by the Algebra MBA e-Leadership Program and Research and Development Centre of the Algebra University College involved teams of companies competing in the use of managerial skills in specific business cases. The competition was designed to test a wide range of business management skills of both entire teams and individual members: from analytical skills through the ability for strategic planning, thinking and interpersonal skills to knowledge related to budgeting and financial planning.

This year’s assignment entitled “Future of Work” included designing and applying a system or product based on machine learning, e.g. artificial intelligence in the organization that the contestants are familiar with or think they can improve. The project had to address any process that uses up too many resources for the employees and analyze all of its aspects:  opportunity/problem detection, proposed solution, innovation check, defining target audience, assessment of risks and existing solutions, implementation plan, business model, employee engagement and team establishment.

The purpose of the Leadership Talent Tournament is to promote corporate entrepreneurship and start-up culture, and to attract the best candidates from the best Croatian companies to demonstrate their practical skills of business management in digital economy. The panel of judges consisted of Martina Bajs Čirjak, Nikolina Bunčić, Hrvoje Jerković, Maja Brkljačić, Leo Mršić, Goran Radman and Ivana Conjar (representatives of the Algebra Research and Development Program and MBA Program).

Coadria, Infobip, Imago Ogilvy, INA, TRS, Plavi tim, Sedam IT, Vipnet, Nivago, Span and InterCapital Asset Management applied with their teams for this first competition. After an extremely undecided whole-day event, the competition was won by Sedam IT team. The winners received a voucher valued at EUR 18,000, which the team members may use for Mini MBA or e-Leadership MBA Program. The remaining teams were also awarded a valuable prize for their participation – attendance of an MBA module of their choice. Furthermore, the expert panel of judges offered several teams cooperation and support of the Algebra Research Centre for further development of their projects.

“I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for the organization of the Leadership Talent Tournament and patience shown by the panel of judges, their comments and guidelines for further development of ideas. I believe that all the competing teams are winners because they spent the whole day surrounded by enthusiasts who unselfishly shared their ideas and advice. I expected good team cooperation and work atmosphere, and the event offered so much more – a lot of fun and new acquaintances.  We are happy that we won the prize, because the young people in my team are full of ideas and this was our opportunity to show what we know and can do. This is an acknowledgment and additional motivation to continue our good work,” said Sanja Šteković Savić, consultant in Sedam IT company, whose five-member team won the first Leadership Talent Tournament.

„We brought together 55 smart, ambitious and proactive businesspeople to design an innovative technological solution that will improve business processes which currently use up too much of our time, energy and creativity and which could be, with the help of technology,  directed at enhancing the entire human existence. Technology will no doubt drastically change the way we live and do business, and the only question is, will we take an active or passive role in this change? These people are aware that only knowledge can help us manage technology, or technology will inevitably rule us. I can certainly say that the most difficult task of the day was to choose only one team and one solution. I sincerely hope that the other teams will also be interested in developing their projects with the support and mentorship of the strong MBA faculty and partners from the Kelley School of Business and our research and development centre. There are at least 5-6 solutions that we are ready to support today“, said Ivana Conjar, Head of MBA Operations and Admissions at the Algebra University College, describing her impressions about the first competition.

This autumn the Algebra e-Leadership MBA Program welcomes the third generation of students enrolled in a revised program delivered in cooperation with one of the best business schools in the U.S., the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.