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Money Can’t Buy Happiness

What makes countries happier? Research on what affects the levels of happiness of an individual, organization or country has been growing across different academic fields because of its importance to managers, business leaders and policy makers alike.

How to Lead in a Digital Age

Today’s best leaders embrace technology and use it effectively in everything they do. Sydney Finkelstein, author of Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent, explains how technology is changing the way the best leaders operate and how leadership can make a difference in a way technology cannot. He says that technology is changing […]

Design of Products Customers Love

There are 5 ways to design products that customers will love. This story exemplifies one type of empathic design, namely by a user-designer who combines deep knowledge of product use with the ability to foresee new possibilities for it.

The Culture of Digital Transformation

A culture conducive to digital transformation is a hallmark of maturing companies. These organizations have a strong propensity to encourage risk taking, foster innovation and develop collaborative work environments. “Culture needs to support collaboration and creativity,” says Mohamed-Hédi Charki, an associate professor at EDHEC Business School in France who focuses on the outcomes associated with […]

Digital Strategies That Transform

To a great extent, digital strategy drives digital maturity. Only 15% of respondents from companies at the early stages say that their organizations have a clear and coherent digital strategy. Among the more digitally mature, the number leaps to 81%. Effectively communicating strategy is equally important, and maturing companies excel at it. Among respondents from […]

Failure is not an option

This is the Second part of the interview with the scientist Professor Kopal about the impact of Big Data on the industry. His lecture about social networks and its impact on business sectors such as telecom and financial industry was brilliant. This is an excellent opportunity to present this scientist and a high-ranked officer of […]