HR MeetUp “How data science can magnify employee experience?


HR MeetUp “How data science can magnify employee experience?” held last week by Algebra research center and e-Leadership MBA faculty  gathered 50 professionals in the field of leadership, human resources, data science and gamification to explore the latest challenges and solutions related to the overall employee experience.

First lecture was held by Dr Keith G. Dayton, about the value of an employee experience. In his lecture Dayton said how employers need to realize how common it is for employees to leave if they don’t receive the necessary training to do well in their positions. Research shows that a full 40% of employees who don’t receive the necessary job training to become effective will leave their positions within the first year. Not only that but to keep them long-term, companies must also offer continuing development and opportunities for advancement. In a Skillsoft survey from the UK, he said roughly two-thirds of the workers stated that they felt workplace training should continue throughout their career, regardless of their seniority.

The second lecture “The Sciennce of Talent” was held by Dr. Scott C. Whiteford, director of Leadership Development & Analytics at Talent Plus, consulting HR firm that has worked with world-class brands across the globe—Estée Lauder Companies, United Overseas Bank, Delta Air Lines, Mercedes-Benz, UCLA Health, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. Dr. Whiteford was talking about predicting potential of the candidates with scientifically-validated interviews and assessment.

The end was reserved for the workshop held by Hrvoje Jerković, Senior Machine Learning and Data Analytics Engineer at Algebraresearch center. In his workshop he showed the value of gamification and machine learning in service of recruitment, retention and development of talent.

Jerković did his workshop with a help from Knack, actually Knackalytics that combines the magic of games, the rigor of science, and the insight of machine-intelligent data analytics to give every company the power to transform how they reach new talent pools, attract and engage future employees, recruit and hire the best talent.