MBA students pitch their projects to investors

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The first generation of our MBA e-Leadership students has joined us on Tuesday for our first Investors Conference, organized in co-operation with InterCapital. As MBA students work on their selected projects over the course of the year, mentored by the professors, the Investors Conference was an excellent opportunity to showcase their ideas, creativity, and approaches to business development.

Five teams took part with their respective projects: HooKnows (developed by Buro 42), GreenGeek (developed by DJ Stiv), WePark (developed by Free California), eDestination (developed by Googol) and Quick Tip (developed by Homies).

WePark is a smart city application with a real-time connection to the device on the parking location which, without the need to roll down your car window, allows vehicles entry to the location and initiates a payment procedure, enables a prior overview of free spaces and even offers the possibility to book a parking space. It is, essentially, a digital marketplace for parking spaces, enabling those whose parking space is available at certain times to rent it out to those seeking a place to park. The system is already in operation at two locations in Zagreb.

HooKnows is a knowledge management platform aimed at businesses. This is a company engagement chatbot – users type in questions and get their answers. The idea is that it is to be implemented in companies and connect to any type of knowledge that is already there – including employee knowledge. It focuses on how to engage company employees to find and store useful knowledge, including a directory of employee skills across the company, making future searches for employees with a particular skill set much quicker. There is a gamification system built in, too.

GreenGeek is a gardening assistant in the form of a mobile app. It features plant recognition, garden mapping, watering alarms, video tutorials and a community. It aims to connect those who are into gardening with experts and shops selling seeds and gardening tools.

eDestination is a sustainable destination management platform. It offers smart destination management based on data analysis and the usage of the internet of things. This solution attempts to address the problem of destination management – many destinations are poorly managed, and their fast growth rate might jeopardize sustainability. This software platform supports managing tourist destinations based on big data analytics and usage of the internet of things, machine learning and AI. For example, users will be able to find out when a tourist attraction is best visited (and least busy), and cities will be able to plan their visitor management activities accordingly.

Quick Tip is a marketplace connecting those who seek quick business, legal or financial advice with those who can provide that sort of tips. It is a ‘better business enabler’ in the form of a software platform, enabling clients to focus on their businesses while at the same time encouraging experts to get involved as this will provide them with a new revenue channel and an opportunity to share their expertise.

After the pitches, the investors took a quick vote to decide on the winner of the first Algebra MBA Investors Conference. WePark won, with HooKnows following closely behind in the second place.

‘I was sincerely exited with the entrepreneurial vigor and enthusiasm our MBA students have demonstrated at the final round of their start-up business plan assignment. Investors response and overall assessment of their pitches was a significant compensation for the great work and energy our students have invested through the year, building their innovative business ventures for digital economy. Congratulations and good luck at the market!’, said Goran Radman, e-Leadership MBA Vice Dean for International Cooperation.