WePark has a new location and gives you voucher for a free parking!

We are sure that you have already heard about this super project build by 1st generation e-Leadership MBA team Free California. For those who haven’t, WePark is a smart application with real-time connection to the device on the parking location which, without the need to roll down your car window, allows vehicles entry to the location and initiates a payment procedure, enables prior overview of free spaces and even offers the possibility to book a parking space.

Simple. Interesting. Essential. Free download makes it a tool for every driver who wants to try something new, and maybe spent 20 minutes on average circling around town looking for a parking spot on something else instead, and spare us all 1.5 HRK of CO2 released into the atmosphere in the course of that obsolete and strenuous process of search for a parking spot.

For now, WePark is available at two locations in Zagreb – Vrbanićeva street 24 and near City Plaza Zagreb Center at Prisavlje. We have no doubts that the third, fourth and fifth is on the way soon. By then, WePark provides you with free voucher for their second park location. Just follow the link wepark.eu/city-plaza-zagreb-parking.html